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According to Decay Theory of Forgetting, memory fades due to the mere passage of time. Whenever a person reads something, a memory trace is created and the piece of information is stored in his memory. Decay theory suggests that with time, this memory trace starts fading and slowly disappearing. This has to be rehearsed over time else this information will eventually get lost. Another theory suggests that losing information is more about the fact that it never got into the long term memory and less about forgetting. In both cases, we can’t recollect everything that we have read.

In an academic scenario, whenever library patrons carry out research, they tend to come across many pieces of information collected from various sources. As a matter of fact, if that information is not rehearsed frequently, it will fade away. Also, visual objects tend to have a longer memory than when being read. Therefore, it is necessary to save this information and read it with a peaceful mind. With advancements in technology, people like to save information for future reference with an easy retrieval mechanism.

Understanding this need, Eclat Engineering has developed a similar feature in MyLOFT- My Library on Finger Tips. The user can research on their device through the application and save the article for future reference. Stored information can be tagged to classify. This makes it very simple to have the information stored at a single place which can be easily accessed and can be easily retrieved.

MyLOFT supports common formats to enable the download now and read later concept:

File types; acsm, epub, ppt, doc Xls and zip files can be accessed in the user’s favourite platform outside the application.

Another advantage of MyLOFT is that the application is synced in phone, tablet and laptop/desktop making it more user friendly for the user who can do a quick search on phones and later read the articles on desktop or laptop.

“It is allowing me to download our favourite articles in collections and retrieve them wherever I want”-Dr Harivenkatesh Natarajan




MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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