MyLOFT is one with UNESCO in making sure that #LearningNeverStops

In a matter of months, we saw the devastating impact of COVID-19 to the world. It caused businesses to collapse, it crippled economies, and it caused fear even among the strongest of nations. The virus recognized no one. No race. No political position. No social status.

Nine months into the year 2020, perhaps the world has already accepted and built plans to pivot and move forward. However, there are still some issues apart from health that need to be brought forth in order for us to say that no one truly is left behind.

ADULT LITERACY is one of these issues. September 8 has been declared as International Literacy Day by UNESCO. This year’s theme is: “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond with a focus on the role of educators and changing pedagogies.”

In line with UNESCO, we share the following information to bring awareness in the information industry that there is still a lot of ground to cover in our communities and institutions. We carry the torch of knowledge on our shoulders and we can do something to change these statistics:

Source: International Literacy Day. (2020, September 04). Retrieved September 07, 2020, from

MyLOFT Leading the Way Forward in the Knowledge Economy Amidst the Pandemic

In an effort to support International Literacy Day, we sat down with Eclat Engineering’s CEO, Mr. Jatin Baraiya as we tackled how COVID-19 is being addressed in the industry as well as within Eclat Engineering itself.

In the interview, Mr. Jatin raised a point that thecrisis has been a catalyst in bridging the digital divide for the world’s student population and we have witnessed a huge surge in the adoption of digital technologies to sustain learning.

In today’s knowledge economy we are more connected than ever before. Physical connection is what led us to the COVID-19 pandemic whereas, our digital connection is helping us to recover from it.

We asked Mr. Jatin what is MyLOFT doing to address the challenges of the “New Normal”? he replied:

“The MyLOFT team has always believed in driving the future in an e-Content access, delivery, and analytics space for Libraries worldwide.

Way back in 2014 we moved completely to a cloud hosted SAAS (
Software as a service) model which was a bold step for our industry then and this decision prepared us for the new normal today.

Our team smoothly transitioned to the work-from-home norm and were able to work very efficiently to serve our global customer base with increased demand in user adoption and e-Content consumption on both our platforms viz. RemoteXs and MyLOFT.

Again, this was possible due to our values and company culture that nurtures innovation, transparency and empathy. By putting ourselves into our patrons’ shoe during this difficult time, our team collaborated with partner libraries and publishers to plan our user outreach programs (Webinar, User training programs, awareness campaigns), strengthen our support initiatives and handheld partner libraries like British Council libraries to launch MyLOFT across 35+ countries to ensure that members could get uninterrupted access to premium e-Content since physical libraries where inaccessible.”

Furthermore, we asked him what tips can he give to educators in applying MyLOFT as their method for teaching during the crisis and beyond as we move forward?

He said that “MyLOFT is designed and conceptualized as an ecosystem around Users (Faculty, Students and Researcher’s) need to consume e-Content for their personal and professional needs.

Online teaching and learning have been the savior in new normal and educators can utilize MyLOFT ecosystem to recommend, consume, organize and share e-Information, course content and good reads. Educators can rely on MyLOFT ecosystem to collaborate and disseminate knowledge the way Millennial and Gen Z user likes to consume today.”

Lastly, we asked: as a company charged with the knowledge of leading libraries forward, what can he share with the readers to inspire them in rising above the challenges and growing with the times?

He answered that “Our experience working with all types (Academic, Public, Research, Corporate, Special) of libraries and library consortia’s globally and serving patrons of all age groups (from Kids to Senior Citizens) we understand that gaining knowledge is indispensable and its knowledge that makes space travel a reality, knowledge allows us to connect with people miles apart (via WhatsApp-FB etc.), it is knowledge that prevents us from making the same mistakes that we made in the past and it is knowledge that will help us survive far longer than we should in these difficult times.”




MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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