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In August 1983, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) developed a set of recommendations on National Standards of Library Service for libraries for the blind. Since then, the Information Age has changed the way library services are organized and delivered. The transformation was made possible by the synergy between information and information technology which made it possible for people who are print disabled to access more information in easier and faster ways.

In 1994, the Libraries for the Blind Section (IFLA LBS) endorsed the next generation of talking books (DAISY) and urged that international standards be adopted so that products or techniques in mainstream markets could be used for greater interoperability and information exchange. The intention was to reduce the cost and time involved in providing people who are print disabled with books and materials in an accessible format.

Keeping in mind the endorsement of IFLA LBS, Eclat Engineering developed My Library on

Finger Tips (MyLOFT), a SaaS-based web and mobile application with a text to speech feature to support access of library subscribed eResources even for visually impaired patrons from anywhere, anytime.

The text to speech feature of MyLOFT has been received well. Now, this feature of MyLOFT is being used extensively, not only by visually impaired users but also normal patrons use this feature to listen textbooks, journals, research papers even while travelling.

However, when it comes to researchers or library patrons the feature utility changes. Mostly, they spend hours gazing at the computer screens. Imagine how difficult it would be for them to read their favourite eBook or any other article of work with those tired eyes. Text to speech feature solves those problems too. The user can easily turn on the audio mode and listen to the text of their favourite books.

The audio mode is not only accessible through mobile devices but can be accessed through personal computers too. It has been observed, many patrons prefer researching on phones and reading on computers or laptops. Now, patrons not only read but listen to making it easier to understand the content.

There are various devices and applications which provide TTS feature but imagine how cool it could be to have this feature enabled in a mobile application where users can discover and access library subscribed e-content instead of self-reading.

Also, the cherry on the top is when the user can listen to saved e-content offline through the same MyLOFT application.

“When my eyes are tired, I can close my eyes and listen to the article saved in collection”-Dr Harivenkatesh Natarajan




MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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MyLOFT- My Library on Fingertips is your personal library, where you include the contents you need and categorize them the way you like

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